Weird Study Claims Eating Too Much Chicken Turns Men Gay

Apparently gay men ate a lot of chicken when they were growing up LOL

In claims:

“Many studies done on testosterone levels in homosexuals show normal levels probably due to three factors: 1. They include in the sample the homosexuality caused by excessive masturbation. 2. They compare testosterone levels of homosexuals with contemporaneous males. There has been a global decrease in male fertility and probably in testosterone action or levels during the 20-th century. Today’s heterosexuals would be less so than their predecessors. They are closer to the homosexuality threshold 3. The studies probably do not measure testosterone levels during the night. If homosexuals sleep less than heterosexuals (a study shows this), they have lower testosterone levels during the night, when the brain develops.

The rest of the facts, that support the hypothesis, is epidemiological: higher homosexuality rates in cities, in modern societies, in overcrowded animals, in stressed animals, in women with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, with Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia etc.

Modern diet may be the most neglected factor that contributes to homosexuality. Its role has nevertheless been noticed by the raw foodists, Stephen Arlin and Francis Pottenger.
I have recently published an ebook “Modern Diet and Stress Cause Homosexuality: A Hypothesis and a Potential Therapy.”, which explains it in more detail.”