Rare Photos Of Freddie Mercury And His Boyfriend From 1980s Reveal The Unseen Side Of Him


Freddie Mercury was a hero in life and is a legend in death.

Freddie Mercury met Jim Hutton at a club in 1984 when he offered to buy Jim a drink, and he politely turned him down. Jim didn’t recognize Freddie but a few months later while at a restaurant his friend told him: “Hey, Freddie Mercury is behind you.” Jim this time accepted Mercury’s drink and the two talked for a while, but nothing happened for another year.

About eighteen months later, the two happened to meet again at the same club. Freddie once again bought Jim a drink and this time they got together. Jim ended up moving in the Garden Lodge with Freddie about two years later.


Even when Mercury was dying of AIDS, the pair were inseparable. The lead singer for Queen even gave him a way out, Hutton was adamant to stay. In a documentary about his death, he said his response was no, and his exact words were “I love you, Freddie. I’m not going anywhere.”

And he didn’t. The hairdresser stayed by him until he passed.

Decades later, even if we haven’t personally seen them, we’ve all experienced them through his music. And these photos sneak a peek into the intimate and secretive life of the rock star.