When This Lesbian Couple BOTH Breastfed Their Baby People Freaked Out

lesbian couple with a baby

‘Can we talk about how normal this should be?’

Steph and Claire Eden-McIlroy have a baby girl, LJ, and take turns breastfeeding her. While Claire is the mom who gave birth, Steph trained her body to lactate in the months before the baby arrived.

Claire gave birth to their daughter LJ and Steph was advised by their midwife to take a hormone that triggers breast milk production and use a hospital-grade pump to stimulate her breasts on regular occasions throughout the pregnancy.

“Can we talk about breastfeeding and same sex couples for a minute?” photographer Barratt wrote on Instagram when sharing the photos.


“Can we talk about how normal this should be?” Barratt continued. “Having a desire to share the responsibility with your partner is normal and possible.

“Ladies, did you know, that you do not have to be the birth mother in order to breastfeed?

“Adoptive parents, surrogacy parents, you can breastfeed your baby. Same-sex male couples, did you know that you can find a woman to wet nurse your baby?

“The possibilities are endless, and should be respected as a heterosexual couple is. Equality is deserved by everyone.”