ow Ruby Rose Fell Back in Love With Jessica Origliasso

They dated back in 2008, split up, and are now firmly back together

Ruby Rose and Jess previously dated back in 2008. They broke up, then Ruby Rose got full-on engaged to Phoebe Dahl. Then in 2015 Phoebe and Ruby Rose split. And now, here we are in 2016, with Ruby and Jess dating once again. Aww.

After hearing the song, which is about staying friendly with ex partners, Rose offered her services to co-write, direct and star in the video.

It was filmed in Auckland last week, where Rose is making the movie MEG.

Jess and Ruby play characters acting out the highs and lows of a relationship.

“It’s a little confronting,“ Jess Origliasso said. “Ruby and I laugh about how people will be seeing us (falling back in love) in real time, now immortalised forever in this video.

“But she’s incredible. I’m so proud to be with a woman I not only adore but I respect and admire highly. She is the kindest, most ambitious, most compassionate woman.”

“The universe absolutely conspired for this meeting,” Origliasso said. “It’s incredible when life can completely surprise you and catch you off guard. You never really know what will happen. Neither of us were necessarily prepared for how we would feel and the fact that life can lead you back to something so special yet have it feel completely new again. It’s absolutely magical.”