Caitlyn Jenner: GOP Baseball Shooting Shows That ‘Liberals Can’t Even Shoot Straight’


A crowd at the convention of the College Republican National Committee erupted in laughter and applause when featured speaker Caitlyn Jenner joked Friday about the attack on a group of GOP lawmakers, saying: “Liberals can’t even shoot straight.”

The comment was captured on videotape posted by a College Republican group in Virginia on its Facebook page.  Jenner made the disturbing joke when she was asked by a moderator at the Washington dinner about the shooting Wednesday in Virginia at a baseball practice that critically wounded House Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.) and injured several others.

Scalise’s condition has since been upgraded to serious. Suspect James Hodgkinson was fatally shot by police. Hodgkinson had a violent history, railed about Republicans and was a supporter of Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders’ bid for the 2016 Democratic presidential nomination.

“First of all, nobody deserves what happened out there,” Jenner, a supporter of President Donald Trump, said when asked about the shooting. “There’s no justification’’ for such an attack,’’ she added. There are crazy people in the world. … We have to minimize that type of stuff.”

Here’s How To Get The Rainbow Pride Reaction On Facebook That All Your Friends Have

pride flag

Pride celebrations have begun around the world, and Facebook is proud to support a diverse community, including those that have identified themselves on Facebook as gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, transgender or gender non-conforming.

In fact, this year, over 12 million people across the globe are part of one of the 76,000 Facebook Groups in support of the LGBTQ community, and more than 1.5 million people plan to participate in one of the more than 7,500 Pride events on Facebook.This year, the social network will unveil more ways than ever before for people to show their pride and support for the LGBTQ community on Facebook

Don’t stress. Here’s how to get start reacting with rainbows on Facebook asap:

  1. Log into Facebook.
  2. Like the [email protected] page.
  3. Voila! You’re now able to react to whatever you want with a rainbow

Animal Abusers Will Now Be Registered Like Sex Offenders

man with a dog

The animal abuser registry, passed last week by commissioners in Hillsborough County, is aimed at preventing people who have harmed animals from doing so again. Retailers and shelters will be required to have prospective pet adopters or purchasers sign an affidavit saying they’re not on the registry. Regular people seeking pet-sitters or new homes for their animals will be able to vet candidates. Law enforcement officials will, at least in theory, be able to keep tabs on offenders’ whereabouts.

“Just as we place extra trust in teachers and law enforcement, so, too, should we ensure that those engaged in the handling of animals have a spotless record,” New Jersey state Rep. Troy Singleton (D) said about legislation he sponsored to make his state home to the second statewide animal abuse registry. He referred to the idea as a “first line of defense.”

The registries are part of widening efforts in the United States to punish and track animal abusers, who, research has shown, commit violence against people at higher rates than normal. All 50 states now have felony provisions for the gravest crimes against animals, although many offenses are still considered misdemeanors. The FBI has added animal cruelty to its list of Class A felonies, and this year began collecting data for such crimes the way it does for other serious offenses, including homicide.

“Most owners consider their pets to be family members,” Kevin Beckner, the Hillsborough County commissioner who pushed for the registry, said in a statement. “This Registry not only protects animals, but it can identify — and maybe even prevent — violence against humans, too.”

“There are different degrees of abuse. There are offenders who intentionally kill or torture animals, or who are engaged in dogfighting. On the other end of the spectrum, there are pet owners who have an inadequate doghouse,” Shatkin said. “We wouldn’t want to paint both types of offenders with the same brush.”

Among the skeptics is the Humane Society of the United States, whose president and chief executive, Wayne Pacelle, wrote in 2010 that the “overwhelming proportion of animal abuse is perpetrated by people who neglect their own animals” and are unlikely to commit violence against other people and pets.

“Such individuals would pose a lesser threat to animals in the future if they received comprehensive mental health counseling,” Pacelle wrote at the time. “Shaming them with a public Internet profile is unlikely to affect their future behavior — except perhaps to isolate them further from society and promote increased distrust of authority figures trying to help them.”

Divorced Couples are Now Happily Posting Selfies on Social Media

two men smiling

EX-COUPLES are now taking divorce selfies to mark the end of their marriage.

Canadian duo Shannon and Chris Neuman sent social media into a frenzy when they posted a picture of themselves outside a Calgary courthouse, just minutes after finalising their break up.

couple smiling

“We have respectfully, thoughtfully and honourably ended our marriage in a way that will allow us to go forward as parenting partners for our children,” she included in the anecdote.

Though some people aren’t really sure how to feel about it, others are lauding the divorce selfie as a positive and mature take on an otherwise difficult and sombre event. What do you think of the #divorceselfie? Let us know in the comments below!

instagram screenshot

13,000 People Turn Out for Warsaw Gay Pride Parade

pride march

Activists for gender and sexuality rights in Poland say they expect a record turnout at an “equality parade” in Warsaw on Saturday, amid a climate of growing hostility towards minorities and claims that the government is curbing human rights.

people on a pride event

A number of diplomats will be in the crowd brandishing rainbow flags after ambassadors from 36 countries issued a joint letter of support for the parade, and a rights survey ranked Poland as one of the weakest EU countries for legal protection for LGBTI people.

“The truth is that we do not really have any legal rights to protect,” said Jej Perfekcyjność, an organiser of the annual event, formerly a gay rights march now rebranded as an equality parade in an attempt to broaden its appeal to all minorities.

“We expect a record crowd because many people have joined demonstrations against this government in the past few months. We need a big crowd to make sure things do not get worse,” he added, aiming for a crowd of 30,000.

It’s Happening, Lace Shorts For Men Have Officially Arrived

men lace shorts

LA-based brand Hologram City just released these lace pastel shorts for men and people can’t stop talking about them

Earlier this week, we were introduced to another viral clothing trend aimed at the male market. Ladies, gentlemen, and people of all genders, let us introduce you to lace shorts… for men!

The shorts were photographed on the set of rapper Cazwell’s new music video. Cazwell apparently had the shorts made exclusively by Hoza Rodriguez, designer and owner of streetwear brand Hologram City. Cazwell posted a photo of the entire outfits, paired with matching lace shirts.

What do you think about them – yay or nay? Let us know in the comment section below!

London Attacks: ‘Multiple Casualties’ After Incidents at London Bridge, Vauxhall and Borough Market

A van mowed down pedestrians as it sped down London Bridge in the British capital Saturday night, leaving bodies lying in the roadway, a witness to the incident told CNN.

Also Saturday, a man with a “massive knife” entered a restaurant at Borough Market, just south of the bridge, and stabbed two people inside, a witness told CNN on Saturday. The patrons sheltered in the basement and police then arrived at the scene, the witness said. The condition of the stabbed people was not known.

Authorities have not said if the incidents were related. Other details:

• London’s Metropolitan Police said officers responded to reports of a vehicle colliding with pedestrians at 10:08 p.m. (5:08 p.m. ET).

• The Prime Minister will chair a meeting of the Government’s Cobra emergency committee Sunday, according to a statement from 10 Downing Street, via Britain’s Press Association.

• “Armed officers responded and shots have been fired” in Borough Market, police tweeted.

• US President Donald Trump has been briefed by the national security team, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer said. Trump tweeted: “Whatever the United States can do to help out in London and the U. K., we will be there – WE ARE WITH YOU. GOD BLESS!

• Authorities have not provided details of the incident or said how many people are hurt.

Mark Roberts, the witness on the bridge, said the van was traveling south across the River Thames at a high rate of speed and was swerving as it struck several people, knocking one person “about 20 feet into the air.”

Gay Man Makes History By Marrying Cop Killed In Terrorist Attack

Paris mayor Hidalgo

Etienne Cardiles’ marriage to the late Xavier Jugelé is attended by Paris mayor Hidalgo and former president Hollande.

The city’s mayor, Anne Hidalgo, and the former French president François Hollande attended the wedding on Tuesday of Etienne Cardiles to the late Xavier Jugelé.

Jugelé, 37, was shot dead on 20 April while on duty three days before the first round of France’s presidential election.

He had campaigned for LGBT rights within the police service.

At a moving remembrance ceremony led by Hollande on 25 April, Cardiles said the killer would “not have my hatred”, echoing the words of the husband of a victim of the November 2015 attacks in Paris.

“I have no hatred, Xavier, because it is not like you and does not fit with what made your heart beat nor what made you a guardian of the peace,” Cardiles said.

Jugelé was the fifth police officer killed in terrorist attacks that have claimed more than 230 lives across France since January 2015.

Hollande posthumously made him a knight of the Legion of Honour, one of France’s highest honours.

Crazy Pat Robertson Thinks Gays Should Have to Wear Special Colors

Pat Robertson

American media mogul, Pat Robertson believes that homosexual people should be required to wear “specially-coloured clothes” as a way of identifying themselves and warning straight people of their sexuality.

“We need to stop spreading lesbianism and homosexuality … the only way to stop the spread of these diseases that are plaguing the country is to make some sort of obvious distinction between gay people and normal, straight people.”

“That way, regular people would know that the person wearing the said color is a deviant sodomite and that they need to stay away from them at all cost, as well as keep their children away from their reach.”

“I personally believe that we must impose a rule on the gay population that would require them to wear specially-colored clothes, for example. I’m thinking we need to go through the Senate with this and we need to make it official. That way, regular people would know that the person wearing the said color is a deviant sodomite and that they need to stay away from them at all cost, as well as keep their children away from their reach,” Robertson opined.

Twitter Slams Ivanka Trump Over LGBT Tweet

Ivanka Trump

Ivanka Trump emerged from observing the Jewish holiday of Shavuot to commemorate the start of LGBT Pride Month 2017, perhaps extending an olive branch to more liberal supporters disappointed she was not able to change her father’s mind on the Paris climate agreement.

“Logging back on after Shavuot, wishing everyone a joyful #Pride2017. This month we celebrate and honor the #LGBTQ community,” Trump tweeted Thursday evening.

Screenshot twitter

People condemned Ivanka for appearing to support the LGBT community when her own father had nominated cabinet members who have a history of taking anti-gay stances, as well as passing laws that threatened the civil rights of the community.

Screenshot twitter

One user suggested that Ivanka’s claim to side with the LGBT community was farcical because she does not have any friends who represent that community. Another user seemed utterly in disbelief over the fact that Ivanka would even post such a tweet.