Beautiful Bride Serenades Her New Wife in Emotional First Dance Surprise

Lesbian brides

When couple Heather and Lauren tied the knot in Blackwater Castle, Cork last month, bride Heather – who is a professional singer – took the chance to show her wife how much she loved her with her rendition of Elvis’ “Can’t help falling in love with you”.

Of course Lauren couldn’t hold back the tears.

And just when everyone is about to go, the bride hands the microphone to the band and the entire room picks up the chorus.

Too sweet!

This Is the Hair Color You Need to Be Wearing Now!

rainbow hair trend

Summer is almost here, and there’s no better time to experiment with a new cut or colour. And along with rainbow brows and lashes, pastel hair is turning out to be the hair colour trend of the moment!

Behold, pastel colored hair.

Apparently, colorful hair isn’t just for punk rockers anymore, and lots of women (including celebs) are ditching the normal hues for all sorts of stunning baby pink, blue and purple shades.

Aside from looking insanely awesome, these vibrant dos pretty much make you look like a mythical unicorn or a siren of the sea.

When This Lesbian Couple BOTH Breastfed Their Baby People Freaked Out

lesbian couple with a baby

‘Can we talk about how normal this should be?’

Steph and Claire Eden-McIlroy have a baby girl, LJ, and take turns breastfeeding her. While Claire is the mom who gave birth, Steph trained her body to lactate in the months before the baby arrived.

Claire gave birth to their daughter LJ and Steph was advised by their midwife to take a hormone that triggers breast milk production and use a hospital-grade pump to stimulate her breasts on regular occasions throughout the pregnancy.

“Can we talk about breastfeeding and same sex couples for a minute?” photographer Barratt wrote on Instagram when sharing the photos.


“Can we talk about how normal this should be?” Barratt continued. “Having a desire to share the responsibility with your partner is normal and possible.

“Ladies, did you know, that you do not have to be the birth mother in order to breastfeed?

“Adoptive parents, surrogacy parents, you can breastfeed your baby. Same-sex male couples, did you know that you can find a woman to wet nurse your baby?

“The possibilities are endless, and should be respected as a heterosexual couple is. Equality is deserved by everyone.”

The Awesomeness Of The Amazing Ruby Rose

ruby rose

All of us know of Ruby Rose (unless you’ve been living under a rock or no internet is available:)).

But for those who don’t know, Rose wears more than one hat: she is a DJ, model, recording artist, actress,TV presenter and former MTV VJ.
And that’s not all!

Besides her talents and beautiful looks, she is funny, passionate, charitable, and fights for what she believes in.

Fashion industry loves her, but she is real, and relatable, which is not often in the industry. Rose became a star as presenter on MTV Australia, had her own line with the company Milk and Honey, she was featured in InStyle Magazine, Cleo, Cosmopolitan, Marie-Claire Magazine and many other big magazine names.

She is open about her childhood abuse, depression and PTSD, giving hope to everyone that are going through the same, that it can get better.

Ruby loves androgynous clothing in her style, and she stated for sheknows.com:
“When I got into modeling that was something I never knew existed,” she admitted. “I remember being at a Yum Cha restaurant with my dad and the owner coming up and saying ‘Excuse me, we’re trying to work out if you’re a handsome boy or a beautiful girl.’ It was a compliment and I was shocked, and when I thought about it I actually wanted to be a handsome boy.”

Her style is as diverse as she is, she can rock any look. The honesty and being yourself has a lot to do with it!

Her 20+ tattoos give her a badass look, and she wears it perfectly!

Written by Darija Vidovic

Best Dating Sites For LGBT Singles Looking For Love

lesbian couple holding hands

Here’s a breakdown of each site and how it works in regard to LGBT daters:

HER is a fresh, ultra flexible app aimed exclusively at lesbian, bisexual, pansexual, and queer women. HER’s modern hybrid of dating and social networking is a refreshing break from the pressure to hook-up or fuck off that embodies some competitors

HER app


This site, which has 975,000 lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender members, does most of the work for you through strong personality matching results. Members of Chemistry.com are limited in their ability to search independently through profiles.

Hinge is yet another mobile matchmaking app trying to make it big by being like Tinder, only slightly different. So what sets Hinge apart? It’s got a great gimmick. Unlike any other dating app, Hinge only matches you with friends of (Facebook) friends. This sort of social network expansion has great possibility for lesbians whose hot friends of friends always seem to be just out of reach.

ow Ruby Rose Fell Back in Love With Jessica Origliasso

They dated back in 2008, split up, and are now firmly back together

Ruby Rose and Jess previously dated back in 2008. They broke up, then Ruby Rose got full-on engaged to Phoebe Dahl. Then in 2015 Phoebe and Ruby Rose split. And now, here we are in 2016, with Ruby and Jess dating once again. Aww.

After hearing the song, which is about staying friendly with ex partners, Rose offered her services to co-write, direct and star in the video.

It was filmed in Auckland last week, where Rose is making the movie MEG.

Jess and Ruby play characters acting out the highs and lows of a relationship.

“It’s a little confronting,“ Jess Origliasso said. “Ruby and I laugh about how people will be seeing us (falling back in love) in real time, now immortalised forever in this video.

“But she’s incredible. I’m so proud to be with a woman I not only adore but I respect and admire highly. She is the kindest, most ambitious, most compassionate woman.”

“The universe absolutely conspired for this meeting,” Origliasso said. “It’s incredible when life can completely surprise you and catch you off guard. You never really know what will happen. Neither of us were necessarily prepared for how we would feel and the fact that life can lead you back to something so special yet have it feel completely new again. It’s absolutely magical.”

Her Father Refused to, So Woman’s Boss Walks Her Down the Aisle to Marry Her Bride

lesbian wedding

When one lesbian woman’s homophobic parents refused to attend her wedding, something incredible happened – her boss stepped in to play her father’s role in the ceremony. 

A bride in Taiwan got her boss to walk her down the aisle after her father decided to boycott the wedding. Apparently Jennifer’s mom and dad couldn’t accept her same-sex marriage to her long-time partner and even cut off all contact with her.

Jennifer and her lover Sam had been together for 11 years but were unable to even legally register their union because same-sex marriages are still not recognised in Taiwan. However, her colleagues fully supported her decision including her CEO John Li who was the one who held her hand as she approached the alter.

Why I Think It’s Important To Reclaim The Word ‘C*nt’

All it means is “vagina.” Get over it.

If I asked you what the most offensive word in the English language is, how would you respond?

I’m guessing you’d say “cunt,” but use some other descriptive way of referring to it indirectly, like the “c-word” or a “C U Next Tuesday.”

That’s just how jarring this word is, to most of us. Even for the most potty-mouthed of individuals, this word is avoided.

Why do we have cunt-phobia?

In essence: misogyny. More specifically: because of our culture’s fear of acknowledging sexism.

We like to dance around tough truths, so instead of acknowledging where exactly the word “cunt” gets its power from, we avoid using it and referring to it at all costs. It’s like the word only exists in some mysterious, far-away realm of the universe that is only made real when it forces itself into our line of sight.

We all know what a cunt is, right? To be honest, I don’t think I’d be that shocked to learn if there were people out there who didn’t know or never have looked up the meaning in the dictionary.

A cunt is simply a vagina. That’s it. The hype was built up for nothing.

But seriously, why is “cunt” this big, bad word when all it means is “vagina”?

Let’s take a little peek into the history of the c-word, shall we?

The word that would become our modern-day “cunt” was first used in about 1230 CE asgropecuntlane, which referred to a place that housed a “haunt” of prostitutes. It then went on to be used in medical terminology in the 1500s. By the 16th century, the word’s definition began to become more taboo; as of the 1800s, it became pretty much off-limits.

It kind of makes sense, right? Pretty much every term for and related to “vagina” in existence has been banished to hole-in-the-wall bars and trash talking, since vaginas themselves are considered to be obscene.


I mean, even saying the word “vagina” is taboo. In April, a teacher in Battle Creek, Michigan, claims to have been fired from her job for daring to utter the word during a lesson on Georgia O’Keeffe’s work. How’s that for a taste of progress?

I don’t want to get into a deep, jargon-y lecture about feminist epistemology, but there’s been an ongoing debate within feminism about whether or not it’s a good idea to reclaim words that have been used to degrade and dehumanize women.

Some say that we should leave these kinds of words in the dungeons of hell from which they arose in the first place. Others want to only reclaim words that, prior to the evils of the patriarchy, originally had positive meanings.

Others still think that it’s valid to reclaim all oppressive language, because a) meanings of words clearly change over time, b) we don’t have to let the man get us down, and c) reclamation of these words can be liberating, while also taking the negative ammunition out of the engines of the patriarchy.

I personally don’t mind if others don’t share the same opinion, but I fall into the latter category in this list. Especially when we’re talking about the word “cunt.”

Cunts are fucking awesome. They’re warm, soft, slippery, mysterious, and even clever. Most people on this planet either have a cunt, love someone with one, like to stick something in someone else’s, or like to be inside of a cunt themselves. How’s that for an argument?

Cunt, cunt, cunt. I said it. All it means is “vagina.” Get over it.

I’m not only a fan of reclaiming the word cunt because I think it’s so ridiculous that it’s THAT taboo anyway, but also because the people who do use the word have to be extremely brave and probably more than a little ballsy (cunty?).

One such person that in part inspired this piece is none other than the newest Real Housewife of Beverly Hills, Erika Jayne (or Girardi, depending on the day). Erika is married to an über-famous and rich lawyer, Tom Girardi, who is 32 years her senior. Despite people’s assumptions (Gold digger! Fame whore!), they’ve actually been married for 17 years. Plus, with many hits on the Billboard charts, she’s got a successful career as a pop sensation.

I instantly fell in love with Erika on the show — not only because of her IDGAF attitude, but because she’s also incredibly sweet, loyal, and wicked smart.

The fact that she likes to use the word “cunt” is just an added bonus.

Erika Jayne/Girardi likes to say “cunt” and makes no apologies for it. Seriously, she LOVES it. She says it all the time and in a variety of creative fashions. She even uses the word “cunty” to describe something with the essence of cunt. To go a step further, she uses the word “hunty” — a combination of the words “honey” and “cunty!” It rolls off of her tongue loud and proud and she’ll never make any apologies for using it.


Of course she’s gotten backlash for her free and frequent use of the word, because society would rather pretend that the word — and probably cunts themselves — don’t exist. But rather than buying into that, she reclaims the word to take on a whole new meaning of personal empowerment.

That’s exactly the spirit that word should embody: someone who is loud, proud, and an advocate for themselves. Someone who stands out and is bold and beautiful for it. Someone who is unapologetically themselves.

That’s why I reclaim the word “cunt” — because it deserves to be reclaimed.

Do you know how much power we could have if we took all of the bullshit out of the word and made it something spectacular, something that everyone wanted to have a piece of?

That’s exactly the kind of revolution this world needs.

So, the question is, why aren’t you saying the word “cunt” yet?

This story by ERIN MCKELLE originally appeared on Ravishly, a feminist news+culture website.

The First Two Lesbian Teens Crowned Prom King And Queen In Florida – All In 7 Images

Brie & Lindsey

Two teen girls have made history by becoming the first same-sex couple to be crowned prom king and queen. Yes!!!

‘I do believe it is easier for females than it is males; at our school and just in society in general.

‘I always felt accepted at our high school.

‘My family was not accepting nor supporting at first, but after about a year they came around.’

Brie and Lindsey will both continue their studies at the same school next year.