Gay Dads and Kids Denied ‘Family Boarding’ at Southwest Gate

A gay couple from Florida say they were discriminated against by a Southwest Airlines gate agent when they were denied access to pre-board with their three young children.

Grant Morse and his husband were flying from Buffalo, N.Y. to Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. over the weekend with their three kids.

As the family of five approached the gate, Morse told WGRZ, a gate agent reportedly stopped them, saying “this is for family boarding only.”

“I feel as though we were profiled the minute we walked up the boarding area,” Morse recalled to WGRZ.

“This gate agent immediately approached my spouse and said this is for family boarding only, and my spouse looked up and said, ‘Well, we are a family. It’s myself, my spouse, and our three children.’ She said it’s family boarding only and got very sarcastic.”

Southwest rules allow one adult to board with children, “but typically our employees allow both parents to board,” the spokesperson said. The airline denied in a statement that discrimination was a factor:

Our Operations Agent informed two parents that another member of their group was ineligible to board under Family Boarding and asked that she board in her assigned boarding group. This conversation in the boarding area had nothing to do with discrimination, we welcomed both parents to board the aircraft with their children. The parents expressed disappointment that the Family Boarding policy was not applicable to another member of their group. The two parents did not agree with our policy, and our Flight Crew worked to save seats together on the aircraft for the family as the conversation continued in the gate area.

You Have To See This New Google Home Ad That Features Gay Dads

guy in a dining room

Google Home is a  device very similar to Siri that allows users to ask questions.

In their  latest ad, Google Home presents a perfect same-sex family.

A boy and a girl are sitting at the table eating breakfast when one of the fathers walks in and asks Google what he has planned for the day.

‘Good morning, Alex,’ Google replies.

‘Traffic to work is heavy – it is 45 minutes by car,’ the device adds.

You Have To See How Hillary Clinton Demands Trump To Take Action On Chechnya Gay Concentration Camps

Hilary Clinton

Hillary Clinton raised her voice against the Trump administration on its LGBT policies.

She said:

‘In recent weeks we’ve heard terrifying accounts from Chechnya of gay and bisexual men being taken from their homes and families, tortured, even killed,’

‘And when government authorities were confronted with these reports, their response was chilling. They said: “You cannot arrest or repress people who do not exist”.

Demanding the US government take action and ‘demand an end of the persecution of innocent people across the world’,

‘I think we have to face the fact that we may not ever be able to count on this administration to lead on LGBT issues,’

You Have To See This New Video By Hurts


Scroll down to see this beautiful video of LGBT issues!

The band said: ‘The video to Beautiful Ones is one of provocative poignancy.

‘Themes of hate, love, brutality and beauty are explored throughout the piece which is rooted in both intrigue and empathy.’

You Have To See How The Pope Has Welcomed World’s Only Gay Leader And His Husband To The Vatican

The Pope has welcomed the world’s only gay leader and his husband at the Vatican.

The catholic state invited Luxembourg’s Prime Minister Xavier Bettel and his partner Gauthier Destenay.

They were treated just like any married couple.

“It was a great pleasure and honour for me and Gauthier to be welcomed by the leader of the Catholic church. XB,” Bettel tweeted.