This Body Builder Fat-Shamed a Woman At The Gym

Diana Andrews, an Instagram-famous body builder from the U.K., recently posted a body-shaming photo of a woman at the gym to her Instagram Stories.

The photo shows a woman running on the treadmill in front of Andrews, with bright purple text labeling “love handles” written below her hips.

In the next slide of the story Andrews said, “I bet she’s ordering [burger emojis] for delivery.”

These images were sent to Andrews’s more than 17,000 followers, many of whom were outraged that she’d fat-shame another woman.

“This is a disgraceful act of body shaming that has been posted on social media for thousands to see,” Stacey Venables wrote on Facebook with screenshots of Andrews’s photos. “Someone that is a public figure and should be encouraging the health and well being of other women is actively pulling someone down FOR BEING AT THE GYM!!!! how ridiculous!!!!”

Andrews has since apologized for the photos on both Snapchat and Facebook, Revelist reports.