13,000 People Turn Out for Warsaw Gay Pride Parade

pride march

Activists for gender and sexuality rights in Poland say they expect a record turnout at an “equality parade” in Warsaw on Saturday, amid a climate of growing hostility towards minorities and claims that the government is curbing human rights.

people on a pride event

A number of diplomats will be in the crowd brandishing rainbow flags after ambassadors from 36 countries issued a joint letter of support for the parade, and a rights survey ranked Poland as one of the weakest EU countries for legal protection for LGBTI people.

“The truth is that we do not really have any legal rights to protect,” said Jej Perfekcyjność, an organiser of the annual event, formerly a gay rights march now rebranded as an equality parade in an attempt to broaden its appeal to all minorities.

“We expect a record crowd because many people have joined demonstrations against this government in the past few months. We need a big crowd to make sure things do not get worse,” he added, aiming for a crowd of 30,000.